Document Palette

Long ago there was a thread about creating a new documents in the current Finder window. This turned out to be possible using OnMyCommand.

Today Rob Rix pointed me toward Document Palette which is a shareware application ($8) which is specifically made for creating new documents in the current Finder window.

This can be operated entirely from the keyboard so it appears to be a worthy replacement for the original OnMyCommand script.


  1. 19 Jul 2006 | # FredB wrote…

    Abracode (who makes OnMyCommand) has now a free utility to assign shortcut to contextual menu items (from OMC or any menu items added by contextual menu plug-ins). So you can assign a shortcut to one of the "New TextMate file here" and make a new file and open it in TM with a keystroke. It's intelligently named Shortcuts and it's free.

  2. 19 Jul 2006 | # Nathaniel Nutter wrote…

    I am a fan of NuFile, it lets you setup whatever templates you want for any program you want. It adds its menu to the contextual menu items. It is free as in beer.

  3. 20 Jul 2006 | # Steve L wrote…

    Good call on the NuFile … I've been looking for something like that since the dawn of OS X.


  4. 20 Jul 2006 | # oliver wrote…

    Hey NuFile is hellah-cool.

  5. 20 Jul 2006 | # Joakim Nygård wrote…

    Document Palette unfortunately isn't universal yet, but NuFile looks really cool.

  6. 22 Jul 2006 | # Chris wrote…

    Speaking of creating new files, when I use "mate" from the terminal to open a file in the directory structure of the current project, it opens in a new window rather than in a tab. To get around this I've been using "touch" to create the file, then "mate" to open it.

    Maybe the "mate" command line tool could do this for me?

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