Gone Skiing

Later today I am flying to Val Thorens (a skiing resort in France) and will be gone for two weeks.

The internet situation down there is currently unknown. I might be able to check mail once a day via a cellular phone, but most likely will not respond to any (unless it is really urgent).

Luckily I have a lot of really smart users which I am sure will do their best to fill in for me on the mailing list and IRC channel.

I will be back the 23th of January.


  1. 07 Jan 2006 | # iznogoud wrote…

    If you feel like wanting to go in Alsace for a week-end, which is about 5hours from Val Thorens in car, well, you can mail me, it would be a pleasure to show you how cool it can be to live here :)

    Have a good trip in France

  2. 07 Jan 2006 | # Matt Thomas wrote…

    Have a good vacation!

  3. 08 Jan 2006 | # Andy Miller wrote…

    Internet in Val Thorens should be pretty good.

    Check out St Martin de Belleville – very nice restaurants in the village and above.

    Also if you fancy an expedition go to Le Praz below Courcheval – the two black runs into the village (Jockeys and Jean Blanc are realy great – when conditions are right).

  4. 09 Jan 2006 | # Colin D. Devroe wrote…

    Have a great trip Allan. Some French easter-eggs in 1.6? ;)

  5. 10 Jan 2006 | # Reinier wrote…

    Cool, I'll be there from January 14 till January 22!

  6. 22 Jan 2006 | # Martin S wrote…

    Have an awesome vacation! You deserve it!

  7. 14 Feb 2006 | # Need a Fix wrote…

    I'm really jonesin' for a nightly build! When are we going to get another taste?

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