Jolt Productivity Award

TextMate, together with Adobe Captivate 2 and ElectricCommander, recently won a Jolt Productivity Award in the Utilities category. The Jolt Winner (as opposed to Productivity Winner) in that category was VMware Lab Manager.

To represent me (as I was in Japan at the time, thanks for the sightseeing tips!) I had Scott Stevenson, who wrote a post about it with a picture of the trophy.

Scott already express my gratitude towards the TextMate community, but let me just assure you that this is sincere — even though I do 1-2 hours of support each day and put in a lot of hours coding, I really feel that TextMate is a community product. A lot of the functionality which I use has been contributed or refined by users, a lot of discussion about features/infrastructure happens in the open on the mailing lists or IRC channel, and a lot of support is handled by users here as well.

If I was alone with TextMate, it would be nowhere as useful as it is now and I would be deprived of the many moments in which I am seeing the best of human nature: people working together across borders not motivated by profit but for one simple cause: to make things better!

This is what motivated me to make TextMate in the first place, and it is still the reason I am sweating over 2.0, because things can still be much much better! :)

On that note, let me just say kudos to Apple for persuading EMI to go DRM-free — I for one will buy much more music now. The 30% price increase sucks though. Already ITMS did often not give a price advantage over Amazon, but I guess the labels wanted higher prices, and Apple used that to press them into stripping the DRM in a rather clever way.


  1. 03 Apr 2007 | # Thomas Aylott wrote…

    I sure do wish I could devote some solid hours to making TextMate better. I'm glad we have you improving things full time.

    I'm much more likely to buy albums now. I'd always been bothered by the 128 bit encoding. Double the bitrate with no DRM? Sign me up!

  2. 03 Apr 2007 | # Hendrik wrote…

    Congratulations on the well deserved award! Looking forward to an even better TextMate 2. Even though it is hard to imagine such a thing, given how awesome Textmate 1 is already.

    As for EMI and ITMS: I think it is great news. I am more an album-buyer anyway, so there is no price increase. I will certainly buy more music once this happens.

  3. 03 Apr 2007 | # Husein Choroomi wrote…

    Congratulations Allan.

  4. 03 Apr 2007 | # Jasper wrote…

    Congrats .. It's a really nice relationship between the founder and all the members/people who help and contribute to make it a better project. Not very often have i seen a program developer that listen's so much/good what the people want/ask. Nice work allan (and the community ofcourse)

  5. 04 Apr 2007 | # michaelGregoire wrote…

    Congratulations on the Jolt award! Regarding the EMI news… check my recent blog post for my take on it.

  6. 08 Apr 2007 | # Kevin Ballard wrote…

    The price increase offsets the cost of the double bitrate files. That said, buying full albums will have no price increase, and since I always buy full albums, that makes me really happy – 256kbps, no DRM, and the same price.

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